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The Orchardist – Macadamia Liqueur

Harbourside Macadamias' superb nuts are now a sublime beverage. From the sub tropical shores of New Zealand's Tauranga Harbour, nature, time and three decades of grower passion have combined to transform fragrant macadamia flowers into one of the world's wonder foods.

New Zealand's most nutrious and flavoursome macadamia nuts have been gently roasted and then distilled, magnifying the nuts' aromas and flavours to produce the The Orchardist's macadamia liqueur – which is without comparison.

With an alcohol content of 25% our  macadamia liqueur is sensational to drink and versatile as a mix or with gourmet creations.


Macadamia liqueur, from Habourside Macadamia, available in the 50ml and 500ml bottles. Click here to buy online


Off-Licence Details

Off-licence held by Harbourside Macadamias
Number: 022/RENOFF/8332/2021 and expires 9/09/2024
Click here for a copy of our off-licence


Harbourside Macadamias 
402 Matahui Road 



Phone : +64 7 552 0718
Mobile : +64 27 552 0718



Email:  [email protected]